Matthew Bellwood is a writer and storyteller with a wealth of experience of theatre, live art, site-specific performance and meaningful projects that engage communities as co‐authors and creators of high-quality work.

In recent years, he has created a number of touring theatre shows combining live storytelling, with intricate models and miniatures, including An Icy Man, a tabletop ghost story and (The Story is Not) Set in Stone – a piece about stories and why we tell them.

As Artistic Director of Moveable Feast Productions he works with a wide array of other artists to generate work with a local voice and national resonance across a range of platforms, including 365LeedsStories, an ongoing project mapping people’s opinions, thoughts and experiences of living in the city of Leeds.

He has written and produced a wide range of shows and workshops for young people, with a particular focus on Primary Education.

He also works regularly with A Quiet Word, who create site-specific theatre work in unusual places.


26th November 2021
I’ll be telling some Dark Tales for Dark Nights at The Constitutional in Farsley. The set includes The Brothers Grimm’s The Juniper Tree; Norse myth The Binding of Loki; and The Story of Blodeuwedd from The Mabinogion, one of the oldest surviving stories in British history. There’ll also be one or two special surprises!

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