A Perfect World

I’m currently doing some R and D for a new show. It’s called “A Perfect World” and it will hopefully tour in 2022. “A Perfect World” will explore ideas about gender, sexuality and identity – and will celebrate the everyday activists, champions and change-makers who take action (large or small) towards a fairer society for everyone.  [READ MORE]

Terror From the Skies

A show about society, friendship and the things we hold dear about the places where we live.  [READ MORE]

(The Story Is Not) Set In Stone

How could they know what the Fates had in store for them?
It was in the library that they first caught sight of each other – two people to whom the world wouldn’t normally give a second glance, sheltering within this world of books, amongst the aisles of stories.

An Icy Man

There’s whole continents lost inside every one of us. They’re so close we can almost touch them – but they’re locked up so tightly that most of the time, we don’t even know they’re there. [READ MORE]