365 Tiny Stories About Leeds

In a spectacular collapse of previous scruples, I’ve finally succumbed to the siren-song of twitter, which (if a bit relentless) is not nearly as unpleasant as I had suspected it might be. If anyone fancies a chat you can find me @PostboxJohn (It used to be the name of my Hermit Crab dontcher know).

ALSO I thought it might be nice to try and be a bit creative, so I’m going to be posting a tiny story for every day of the coming year. They’ll be going up @365LeedsStories

As you can probably guess from the name of the feed, they’re all about Leeds – people, places, weird events etc.

I started the project on the 7th of April so I guess it’ll be continuing until that time next year.

I’ll also be posting a monthly round-up of the stories so far on the READ page on this site.

Matthew x

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