Winter warmers

Hello All,

Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to let you know about some things I’ll be doing over the next few weeks, which may or may not be of interest.

First of all …

The Unquiet Dead

I’ll be telling some ghost stories this Friday at the Fauconberg Arms in Coxwold, North Yorkshire. It’s a beautiful 17th century country inn which is reputed to be haunted.

The set will include Lost Hearts – M.R.James’s grisly account of black magic in the Midlands; The Shadow – Edith Nesbitt’s haunting saga of thwarted love and Lucy Clifford’s The New Mother – possibly the world’s most brutal children’s story. I’ll also be singing some traditional English ghost ballads.

It’s a pay what you want performance and will start at around 8pm. You can check out the venue online here:

The following week, I’ll be performing there again, this time with …

An Icy Man

An Icy Man is a storytelling show about the cold. On a winter’s night, a woman goes out walking in the snow and encounters a stranger in a frozen field. The next morning she wakes up and finds that everything has changed…

It’s an intimate storytelling experience performed around a table. Each performance is for 17 people, who gather round a model of a snowbound village.

 “…saw Matthew Bellwood perform An Icy Man & it was intricate, a bit creepy, romantic and melancholy, and loved theatre all over again.” @maddydeliqette

Where: The Fauconberg Arms
When: Thursday 7th November 2013, Friday 8th November 2013 (performances at 7pm and 9pm)
Tickets: £10

And finally …


This is a story-gathering project that I’m working on with the brilliant Alison Andrews. We’re working with seven different groups of people from all over Leeds, to create a series of maps of the city. We’ll be creating an exhibition, which is based around the work in Leeds Central Library in March of next year, but in the meantime, we have just launched a rather beautiful website to support and document the project as it happens. It’d be lovely if you fancied having a look.

Matthew x

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