Last year, thanks to a grant from Awards for All, my friend Chris Hoy and I were able to embark on a project together called Shadow Stories. Chris is an experienced shadow theatre artist and specialises in works with Early Years and the under 7’s.

We worked together to produce a short storytelling piece, based on an aboriginal folktale from Australia, called Tidalic. Tidalic is a greedy frog, who drinks all the water in Australia. All the other animals are left with nothing to drink and they have to think of a way to make Tidalic laugh, in order to get the water to spill out of his body.

Everyone who saw the show enjoyed it a lot and thanks to the grant, we were able to provide 10 free performances plus accompanying workshops to a variety of schools and community groups.

The venues we worked with were: Inkwell, Oakwood Primary School, Little London Community Primary School, Cookridge Primary School, Garforth Library, Leeds City Museum, Beechwood Primary School, Holy Rosary Primary School, Moor Allerton Library.

During the workshops, we retold the story of Tidalic through drama and movement, made puppets using cardboard and acetates, played with torches and other light sources, made up new shadow stories and built shadow dens.  We were also able to train some volunteers to work with us on the project.



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