Songs of Spring and Winter

Long ago when I was but a beardless youth, I used to go to Wales every August and work on an open-air Shakespeare production in the village of Llandudoch (St Dogmaels) on the Pembrokeshire coast. The plays took place in the beautiful setting of St Dogmael’s Abbey and were always an absolute pleasure to be involved with. The cast were a mix of amateur actors and holidaying professionals – some drawn from the local area and others from around the British Isles. Each play would be rehearsed over a manic 10 day period and then performed over four evenings as the midsummer sun set slowly over the Abbey ruins.

2011 was the 25th consecutive year in which a play has been produced in the Abbey grounds and, to commemorate the anniversary, a special CD was produced containing original music written for the plays by the composer Richard Morris. All the pieces were re-recorded by members of the company (both past and present), under the direction of Paul Daniel, who is currently Principal Conductor of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in Perth. (Flash, I know). There are beautiful vocal contributions from mezzo-soprano Sarah Richmond and Tenor Sipho Fubesi and I’m proud to say that I was asked to provide some spoken passages to run both over and in-between the tracks.

Nocturne – this is a track written to accompany a production of Henry V in 2008. The text describes the English forces waiting to fight on the eve of battle.

There’s some more information about the company and the music here: and if you’d like to hear some more, you can buy a copy of the disc for £10 + p&p from

Stretto Records
13 Hollins Road

For more info, please contact Richard Morris:

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