An Icy Man

An Icy Man

“There’s whole continents lost inside every one of us. They’re so close we can almost touch them – but they’re locked up so tightly that most of the time, we don’t even know they’re there. But they are. Strange Worlds. Each one of them is full of fantastic things. And if you’re quiet and you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear the people who live there.

“…saw Matthew Bellwood perform An Icy Man & it was intricate, a bit creepy, romantic and melancholy, and loved theatre all over again” @maddydeliqette

An Icy Man is a story about the cold.

On a winter’s night, a woman goes out walking in the snow and encounters a stranger in a frozen field. The next morning, she wakes up and finds that everything has changed …

The stranger in the field appears to be made of snow and ice. He is one of the oddest things that Laura has ever seen, and yet he is also curiously familiar.

Meanwhile, a little girl is lost, alone with a strange man in a strange house in the middle of the snow. She knows that she should not talk to strangers but the man had been so strange that she had almost felt sorry for him.

“Magical set, story and atmosphere, beautifully told. I loved the interweaving of the two stories.” Becky Cherriman

An intimate storytelling experience, in which audiences gather around a miniature model of a snowbound village, An Icy Man draws on Northern folklore, myths and legends as well as stories of ice and snow. Seated together around a table the audience discover the story as told by Matthew Bellwood, with hidden worlds evoked by carefully crafted homemade models. It is an atmospheric and theatrical experience, unique to 17 people at a time.

An Icy Man was performed at:

West Yorkshire Playhouse – Leeds
The HUB – Leeds
Grimsby Cathedral
Harrogate Theatre
Square Chapel – Halifax
VAULT Festival – London
Central Library – Leeds
The Fauconberg Arms – Nr York
ARC – Stockton
Brewery Arts – Kendall
Release the Hounds Festival – Knaresborough
Canada Water Culture Space – London
Castaway – Goole
Helmsley Arts Centre – Helmsley

Creative Team:

Writer/Storyteller – Matthew Bellwood
Director – Dick Bonham
Producer – Little Mighty